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Assessories and Consumables

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Stainless Steel Corrugated Hose and Metal Bellows

Hose Standard : BS 6501

Construction : Flexible tubing, single thick wall corrugation, without packing, annular corrugation hydraulically formed.

Profile : Close pitch corrugation Size Range:6 mm up to 350 mm

Pressure Range : Up to 150 kg/cm³ or higher against specific requirement.

Temperature : Up to 800°C

Core Material : 321/304/316/316L * Monel/Bronze.

Braid Material : SS 304/SS 321End Fittings :Tig welded, mechanical, soldered, silver brazed.

PTFE Plain and Corrugated Hose with Stainless Steel Braiding

Construction : smooth tube externally S.S. 304 Braided.

Chemical Resistance : unlimited against all chemical, acids and caustic solutions of any concentration.
Exceptions : Liquid alkali, metals and fluoride compounds.
Weather Resistance : Ozone and UV rays do not cause any meterial changes.
Ageing Resistance : practically unlimited, non-inflammable.
Food Suitability : physiologically unobjectionable, no transfer of tasteor colour.
End Connection : can be manufactured as per requirement.

Rubber Hoses

Applications for Acids and Chemica hoses

As per : IS : 7654
Size range : 3/4" ID upto 16" ID
Service : Dilute/Corrosive Chemicals
Material : NBR / EPDM / TFE / SBR / CSM / NR / CR / FPM / NR.
Fittings : Rubber / Slipon / Built in

Applications for Aviation fuel hoses

As per : IS:5797, BS 3158, EN 1361, API 1529.
Size range : 1" ID upto 3" ID
Service : Aviation Fuel
Material : Synthetic Rubber
Fittings : As per requirement
Applications for Cement and Gravel hoses

As per : IS 13071
Size range : 1/2" ID upto 16" ID
Service : Cement / Sand & gravel
Material : Synthetic Rubber
Fittings : Built in type connections
Applications for Food Hnadling hoses

Cover : SBR black, smooth fabric finish.
Reinforcement : textile plies, steel wires helix.
Size range : 3" ID & 4" ID
Service : for sugars, powders, granulates, grains and corn.
Fittings : As per your requirement
Hose quick Camlock Couplings
Composites Thermoplastic Hose Assembly
Inner Wire
Galvanised Carbon steel
Polypropylene-coated steel.
316 stainless steel
BS 5842
BS 3492 BX
BS 4089
Polypropylene fabrics
Polypropylene films
Polymide films
Polyester fabrics
Fire-resistant layers
1" ID to 10" I.D.
Outer Cover
PVC-coated nylon
PVC-coated polyester
Application Chemical
POL products
Outer Wire
Galvanised carbon steel
316 stainless steel
Temperature Range
- 200 DEG C to + 160 DEG C
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