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PTFE Components

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PTFE Moulded & Extruded Products

High quality PTFE shapes and Fluoropolymer products for the industrial world.

Kurat Enterprise is in Manufacturing and Marketing of PTFE shapes and Fluoropolymer products for the industrial world.These engineered Fluoropolymers are available in Virgin and Reprocessed grades and a variety of custom compounded reinforced fillers that change the properties of PTFE for specific applications.

PTFE Moulded & Extruded Products


Dia : 3-250 (Standard)
        : large Diameter made to order
Length : 300-1000 mm (standard) or as required



I.D. : 1.6-25 mm
Wall Thickness : 0.8-1.6 mm
Length : 3000-12000 mm


I.D. : 19-89 mm
: 25-100 mm
Length : upto 5000 mm
Wall thickness : 3-25 mm


O.D. : 32-150 mm (standard)
I.D. : 12.5-127 mm (standard)
Length : 100 mm (standard)
            : upto 300 mm in special cases.

Larger Diameter made to order.

The following filled grades are also available :
Glass, Carbon, MOS2, Graphite, Bronze, Mica, Ceramic & Alumina.

Coloured PTFE also available.

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